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Manage your visitors responsibly...

Beyond the fact that The Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) requires companies to keep a register of the entries and exits, it is good corporate governance to know at all times who is on you premises. Organisations have a responsibility to ensure high levels of safety and security at all times.

According to the POPI bill, organisations must secure personal information in their possession or under their control by taking appropriate and reasonable technical and organisational measures to prevent loss, damage and unauthorised processing of personal information, as well as unlawful access or use of such information.

Why should my business be POPI compliant?

POPI will have an impact on almost every company operating in South Africa. Much is done to manage and control the access of people you know. However, visitors are received on face value and allowed to enter the premises. Keeping an accurate register of these visitors minimises the risks criminality and accountability. Non-compliance can lead to harsh fines or even jail sentence.

Download this free POPI Compliance Checklist to make sure your business is POPI ready

-    This checklist will help you and your business to be POPI ready
-    Compliance measures will take time and effort to implement
-    Awareness of the Act will help ensure the safety of all personal information

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Download this Visitor Access Control System Checklist to see which systems are NOT POPI complaint



Most people, when asked to enter their details in a visitor book will provide incorrect information for one of the following reasons:

  • Fear of abuse of the information by the guards or other visitors entering the site, or
  • Quite deliberately by claiming to be cartoon characters or actively intending to deceive.

Your guide on effective Visitor Management

“Visitor management systems are becoming more and more of a necessity in today's scary and security conscious world that only seems to become more so every day”

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