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An Accurate Visitor Book You Can Trust...

EVIM is a mobile data capture and fingerprint scanning device that reinforces security with a digital visitor register. Unlike the traditional paper-based visitor book, this ingenious device captures,registers and verifies all data in real time with the NCCI (National Centre of Certified Identities). Not only does EVIM enhance the visitor handling process, it also minimises the risk for criminal behaviour associated with identity fraud and provides improved accountability.

All recorded information is stored on a secure compliant offsite server and is kept confidential. Information is processed and managed in a Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI) compliant environment and is only used for access control purposes. Access to this information is strictly controlled and protected.

Advantages of EVIM

  • Integrates with existing business processes
  • Cost-effective application
  • Complies with all legalities
  • Secure data storage
  • Three-year Warranty and Support

Enhanced feature

- Scheduled Appointments 

Users can schedule appointments on the software portal by registering the visitor’s name, surname, ID number and the date and time of the appointment. A unique pin will be sent to the visitor that can only be used once and will only be valid for 4 hours before the meeting time and 4 hours afterwards. Once the visitor arrives they will enter the unique pin and the appointment organiser will receive and sms that their visitor has arrived.

Value added extras

- Training

Competent Security guards will enhance the visitor’s experience when they arrive at your company. Ideco will train the person responsible for the system from the company’s side as well as the guards on duty with the roll-out of the system in order to ensure that your company receives the maximum benefit from using the EVIM solution.

- Support

Free support and training is given for the first 2 weeks of implementation to assist guards and the client with the transition phase of moving over to an electronic visitor management system.